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Intellectual outputs

The project has 7 intellectual outputs (O) which are realated with each other, therefore creates uniques result. Each intellectual output is leaded by one of the partner institution, but each partners together collaborates i n its results achievement.

O1 - Review of literature, media and resources (leading partner country Sweden). The aim of intellectual output 1 (O1) is to summarise the state of research and development in terms of publications, existing approaches, research initiatives, studies, projects, media, etc. related to the project’s overall topic. Please, download the Transnational Report from HERE. Reports provided by each partner institution could be found here: German Report, Italian Report, Swedish Report, Turkish Report, United Kingdom Report.

O2 - Needs analysis (leading partner country Germany). O2 aims at gathering information on the needs, requirements and preferences of the project’s main target groups – lecturers, students and career counsellors.


O3 - Higher Education course – didactical framework and course units (leading partner country Germany). The HE course will consist of – expected - 6 course units:

  1. Course unit 1: knowledge gaps
  2. Course unit 2: Language and intercultural communication
  3. Course unit 3: Recognition and access to labour market
  4. Course unit 4: Discrimination and traumatisation
  5. Course unit 5: Potential analysis and empowerment
  6. Course unit 6: Specific supportive measures

Each partner will be in charge of the writing of one course unit.

O4 - Course for counsellors from PES – adaptation of didactical framework (leading partner country Turkey). O4 aims to provide the course concept and didactical framework for the courses for career counsellors working in employment agencies, job centres of adjacent services in the partner countries in order to equip them with strategies and material that help them in doing their everyday’s practical work in the counselling of migrants and refugees.

O5 - Media centre and online learning environment: complementary content, material and resources (leading partner country Italy). The media centre will provide a variety of resources and material such as videos, activities or exercises for lecturers, students and career counsellors. It aims at combining the didactical frameworks of O3 and O4 with additional working material to be used in the piloting implementation of the course. All resources and materials will be made available through national as well as target-group oriented sections of the project’s web portal (cp. O6). Furthermore, all resources and materials will also be directly linked to the didactical framework and the specific course units (cp. O3, O4).

O6 - Web portal for lecturers, students and career counsellors (leading partner country Lithuania).  O6 aims at developing, testing and implementing the project’s web portal that acts as a gateway and front end for the media centre (O5) through which the project’s main target groups can access the project’s main outputs and components. Apart from basic project related information, the portal consists of three main target group oriented sections:

  • The lecturers section
  • The students section
  • The counsellors section.

O7 - Piloting, evaluation and recommendations for long-term implementation of Higher Education Course (leading partner country United Kingdom). O7 builds on the outcomes of all other intellectual outputs and focuses on piloting, and evaluation of the course in the project’s third year as well as the provision of recommendations for the long term implementation of the HE courses in the partners’ organisation basing on the evaluation outcomes. The course will be piloted in the partners’ Higher Education institutions with a minimum of 20 students, depending on the size and scope of the partners’ courses.

Timeline of O1-O7 implementation


O1 Report Germany

O1 Report Italy

O1 Report Sweden

O1 Report Turkey

O1 Report UK

O1 Transnational report

O1 Final report

O2 Report Germany

O2 Report Italy

O2 Report Sweden

O2 Report Turkey

O2 Report UK

O2 Transnational report.pdf

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