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The Erasmus+ co-funded project CMinaR aims at developing Higher Education courses and courses for practitioners of counselling to teach and train (future) counsellors in educational and vocational guidance for their work with refugee clients.

CMinaR is an acronym formed out of the projects full title: „Counselling for Refugee and Migrant Integration into the Labour Market – Development of Courses for Higher Education and Public Employment Services”.

Project team

CMinaR will provide the following 7 outputs:

  • Review of literature, media and resources - (leading partner from Sweden)
  • Needs analysis - (leading partner from Germany)
  • Higher Education course – didactical framework and course units – (leading partner from Germany)
  • Course for counsellors from Public Employment Services  – adaptation of didactical framework – (leading partner from Turkey)
  • Media centre and online learning environment: complementary content, material and resources – (leading partner from Italy)
  • Web portal for lecturers, students and career counsellors – (leading partner from Lithuania)
  • Piloting, evaluation and recommendations for long-term implementation of Higher Education Course – (leading partner from United Kingdom)

More about each output you can find HERE.