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There were five project meetings up to now: The kick-off meeting at Mannheim (December 2016) and meetings at Stockholm (May 2017), Kaunas (December 2017), Padova (May 2018) and Istanbul (November 2018). In April 2019, there will be the sixth and last meeting at Canterbury.

In each meeting (except for the first one) the partners presented the results of their work at that time and decided about the further work steps. Although there were discussions about details of the working process it was always possible to find compromises and to agree on the essential points.


Kick-off meeting, Mannheim (Germany), December 1-2, 2016

The focus of the first international meeting was on spirit and objectives of the CMinaR project, like modernizing the counselling systems concerning the target group.

All intellectual outputs were presented and discussed, as well as internal communication strategies. An introduction to Erasmus+ and to the financial administration of the project was given.

The timeline for the project outcomes had to be adapted as the project started three months delayed.

The meeting ran in collaborative and friendly atmosphere. Special thanks for the hosting partner HdBA and its team! 


2nd project meeting, Stockholm (Sweden), May 4-6, 2017

The second project meeting had the focus on the results of O1 and O2: the review of literature and the outcomes of the needs analysis were presented and discussed.

The subjects and contents of the six modules of  O3 were developed in a workshop and the partners agreed on the work procedures. A brief prospect of O5 and O6 was given.


3rd project meeting, Kaunas (Lithuania), December 7-9, 2017

The third project meeting mainly covered the contents of O3 and O6. The results of O3 were presented, the peer reviews were given and discussed and the further steps of the intellectual output were planned. Layout and contents of the website (O6) were discussed (e. g. definition of the target groups) and the partner agreed on changes in structure and layout. Brief prospects of O4, O5 and O7 were given.



4th project meeting, Padova (Italy), May 24-25, 2018

The forth project meeting mainly covered the contents of O3 and O4. The outcomes of O3 and their impact on the planning of O4 were discussed. Brief prospects of O5, O6 and O7 were given. The last steps for the planning of the expert reviews were done.


5th project meeting, Istanbul (Turkey), November 15-16, 2018

In the fifth project meeting the results of the expert reviews were discussed and the implementations of O3 and O4 until May 2019 were planned. O5 and O6 were further developed and the evaluation process (O7) was discussed in detail. The planning of the final conference on August 27, 2019 began. The last partner meeting will take place in Canterbury (UK) on April 25-26, 2019.