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On 27 August 2019, the Erasmus+ funded project „CMinaR - Counselling for Refugee and Migrant Integration into the Labour Market – Development of Courses for Higher Education and Public Employment Services“ presented its results and outcomes to an international audience in Berlin.

We received more than 140  registrations to the conference coming from 19 different nations. Participants followed the following agenda:

Conference languages were English and German with simultaneous translation.

We document the introductory and final words.

You can watch the whole conference on our YouTube playlist of ten videos. The agenda may help you to navigate in the round about four hours of video material. The inputs are either in German or English. Use YouTube automatically translated subtitles (explanation video how to get subtitles in you national language).

Recordings from the conference (Playslist on CMinaR Youtube channel)


The inputs were supported by the following PowerPoint presentation:

Our project book Counselling Refugees means Modernising Counselling was distributed in print copies for all conference participants.

In an one hour poster gallery session other projects in our field of research and practice were invited to present their work. Using the following pictures as links you can see some selected examples of the gallery. 



Posters from Poster Gallery of Projects (the list of the posters):

Our programme and the gallery led to interesting discussions and consistently positive feedback.